The origin of creation

How and Why I Create

My approach to painting is very organic. I usually find inspiration by being out in nature, whether it be in the mountains, desert, or even outside my home. I find that going to the same location at different times of the day can inspire me to paint with different color palettes. Sometimes I’ll take a photo of my subject if I’m suddenly inspired, and then take it back to my studio to work on it. When time permits, I will bring my art supplies and paint right there on the spot. 

Although my process for painting can be very long, I find that when I am truly inspired, I lose track of the passing hours and immerse myself in the art. Each part of the process is both relaxing and rewarding. I usually start with a simple black and white sketch to get the basic layout of the piece. From there, I choose my colors, sometimes deviating from the true subject depending on my mood. After that, I start to lay down basic colors as my foundation. I build slowly from there, refining colors and shading with multiple passes… breathing life into the painting. 

I love creating art because it connects me with nature and the beauty of things around me. It calms and grounds me as well. I derive a deep sense of satisfaction from creating something that others can enjoy. My art can live on, well after I’m gone.

I hope you take the time to browse my portfolio and feel the passion that went into creating each painting!